Popcorn Love


Through the good and the bad,
My love will be here to support you.
Never need you weep nor be sad,
I’ll help you see life’s trials through.

Place your hand in mine,
And rest assured in your mind,
I’ll love you always.
I’ll live for you each day.

I will protect you from all harm.
You’ll be secure in my loving arms.
Place your love in my hands.
I’ll nurture and guard your love unlike any man.

I’ll be there in your time of sorrow,
To let you know that everything will be Okay.
My love will be yours today and tomorrow.
Come with me in my fantasies and play.

You will never have to shed a tear,
Because you’ll always have someone to love you.
Whether I’m far away or near,
All of my life, love, body, and soul are for you.

Never need you suffer loneliness and pain,
Nor fear the coming of the rain.
Just cuddle up close to my warm love.
You are the woman that I’ve always dreamed of.

I will place my heart in your hands willingly,
Then will you understand the depth of my soul’s love for you.
I’ll listen carefully to the whispered wishes of your heart.
Two shall be one and never will we part…

…Don’t be afraid.

(The very first poem I ever wrote, many, many years ago.  So full of optimism and idealism.  It was mostly born from infatuation with a girl – thus the naming popcorn love. Love somewhat resembles this to me now, but there is so much more depth and layer to it for me.)


by malakhai jones


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